Agriculture & Horticulture


Removes Organic Deposits in Irrigation Systems for Greenhouses, Nurseries, Tree Farms and Agriculture.

Drip Irrigation Line Cleaner

Clear is completely organic and EPA approved for all irrigation systems

Clear is a green natural water cleaner that is environmentally friendly

CLEAR…Work Areas & Plants of Algae


CLEAR…Cleans Drip Tape, Micro Jets, Soaker Hose, Sprinkler Heads, ETC…

CLEAR…Opens plugged emitters – clears out blockage on contact


This product is designed to treat bodies of water, such as; waste water, lagoons, pools, storage reservoirs, decorative fountains, lakes, ponds, water features on golf courses, irrigation canals, cooling water. ATS-CLEAR Pond Renu is a stand alone algaecide treatment to destroy and control algae growth in bodies of water.

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